Weatherproof Padlocks

Name: Robert Welch
Subject: Repeat buyer

I am a repeat buyer. Taylor Security & Lock have everything imaginable. Top products & fast, secure shipping.

Name: John Piehl
Subject: Speaks well of Taylor Security

Thanks for your quick response. Your quick response and detailed quote speaks well of you & Taylor Security.

Name: Joshua Glover
Subject: Reliable padlock source

First, I’m glad I have found a reliable padlock source that carries any size I could very want, thank you. Choices are excellent

Name: Alan Prochaska
Subject: Thanks

Thanks to Cliff Gutmann for helping me figure out exactly what part i needed

Name: James Kurinskas
Subject: Willing to go the extra mile

left a google and yelp review "
been using this site for over a year, the sales staff are just great,the prices are the best and their willing to go the extra mile for unusual request.. a special thanks to Cliff Gutmann for all your time and effort" ... just letting you know your appreciated

Name: Andrea Harris
Subject: Your service is excellent!

I installed an Emtek interior doorknob I bought from you a few weeks ago and am very happy with it. Your service is excellent!

Name: Indra Mohammed
Subject: Very kind and patient assistance

I got my locksmith to check the lock that I have and he was able to reuse it, therefore i will not purchase any lock at this time. Thank you for your very kind and patient assistance.

Name: Cesar Rojas
Subject: Great support!!!!

Thanks so much for the great support!!!!

Name: Keith Richards
Subject: FYI

FYI the Abus locks showed up yesterday, thanks for getting these out so quickly.

Name: Jeffrey Brutsche
Subject: Very helpful

Spoke to Jose and he was very helpful in confirming the proper lockset. I ordered the proper one a few minutes ago - .Order #W59019. Thanks

Name: David Anderson
Subject: Super great service

Thank you!! That is super great service.

Name: Wilson Lock & Key
Subject: Will be ordering from you guys in the near future

Thank you and I appreciate your time. Will be ordering from you guys in the near future.

Name: Clinton Smith
Subject: Great customer service

Received my lock today. Great customer service. Thanks.

Name: Mike Krulee
Subject: Incredibly fast customer service!

Incredibly fast customer service! Your company was an absolute pleasure with which to do business! Great service!! Wow! Thank you again.

Name: John Duran
Subject: Excellent customer service

Thanks for the quick response! … I'll keep Taylor in mind for sure as I do appreciate the excellent customer service and fast reply!

Name: Mark Roberts
Subject: You prepared my order so quickly

You prepared my order so quickly … Thank you so much for your help.

Name: Dave Skieens
Subject: I'll be ordering lots more in the future

Thank you for using USPS. I’ll be ordering lots more in the future for that reason.

Name: Sebastian Link
Subject: Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Always a pleasure to do business with such an professional company like yours! Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Name: Rob Goettler
Subject: Thank you for the great support!

thank you for the great support!

Name: Bob Habeck
Subject: Great service

Great service Taylor - thank you!

Name: Matthew Connor
Subject: Extremely pleased

I received my lock today. I ordered it for the purposes of Locksport. I am extremely pleased with what I received and wanted to thank you very much! This was my first purchase from Taylor Security but it certainly won't be my last! Thanks again and take care. -Matthew

Name: Thomas Higgins
Subject: Nice website!

Nice website!

Name: Doris Houng
Subject: Thank you so much

Just wanted to let you know that I received the new strike plates today. The finish is much better than the ones I received previously. Thank you so much for taking the time to resolve this issue!

Name: Wayne Larsne
Subject: Keep up the good work!

Awesome! Thank you very much. You company is top notch in the construction hardware buisiness. Keep up the good work!

Name: Clint Brewer
Subject: I wish I would have found y'all sooner

Thank you!! You are awesome! I wish i would have found y’all sooner and ordered ALL of my hardware from you, but i will browse your site and see what else i can buy from you.

Name: Steve Daniel
Subject: You're amazing

Wow! You’re amazing Cliff! This has to be the fastest turnaround time I have ever had with a company’s Customer Service. Thank you so much. I was very pleased with my original order from Taylor Security and even more so with your help today. Thank You sir!

Name: Mike McCombs
Subject: I'll tell my contractor friends about you guys

I looked through each & every page of your entire site this morning. In these times of the Cheap Chinese made Walmart quality hardware that's replaced our REAL Hardware stores that I used to support..., it's really, really nice to find a place dedicated to offering quality products on a grand scale like when I was first starting out in the 60s & 70s. Places like you guys are disappearing...& fast. I've saved your site to my Favorites and Address Book in order to support the business's such as your outfit, I'll tell my Contractor friends about you guys. Once they see the quality you offer, I know they too will like what they see and tell their Contractor friends as well! Best of Luck & Keep at it! Mike aka: McCombs Contracting

Name: John Hasse
Subject: Good service

Thank you. You're very kind and good service.

Name: Kim Pohl
Subject: Great customer support

Thank you for the great customer support. This is one of those situations that customers always hope that the vendor stands by them. You guys certainly do, thanks.

Name: Cody Nelson
Subject: I will be ordering more from y'all

Thank you ... I appreciate your help. I will be ordering more from y’all in the near future.

Name: Joel Prothro
Subject: I'm going to highly recommend you guys

I appreciate the awesome support! By the way, I’m going to highly recommend you guys when I get a chance. Great service, great prices. Better than the quotes my builder was getting.

Name: Mark Pring
Subject: Thank you for your quick service

Thank you for your quick service. Just want I needed.

Name: Jose Castillo
Subject: I will be coming back to you guys

Just wanted to let you know that I got the keys. And they both worked at unlocking the lock so we are all good from this end. Again, thank you for your quick responses and immediate action. You rock. I will be coming back to you guys whenever I'm in need of locks and chains for my security needs.

Name: Eric Baker
Subject: Best prices out there

Thank you best prices out there

Name: Lindsay Jensen
Subject: Thank you for getting them here so quickly!

Just wanted to let you know I received the correct locks last night. They are perfect and exactly what we needed. Thank you for getting them here so quickly! Thank you again for all your help!

Name: Alex Kotoff
Subject: I am a second time customer!

Hi Taylor Security! I had such a great experience with my last order I'm happy to say I am a second time customer!

Name: Pam Meredith
Subject: Your ROCK!

You ROCK! Thanks for all the quick links. I've reordered and am looking forward to getting my new levers installed.

Name: Ashley Randolph-McCallister
Subject: Love your service!!!

Love the hardware & your service!!!

Name: Sandy Rivers
Subject: Hope you are nominated for a WEBBY

Hi Taylor Security...

You have a beautiful and well organized web site. Hope you are nominated for a WEBBY in design and orchestration.

Thank You...and again, GREAT WEBSITE!!!

Enjoy your day.

Name: Steve Mok
Subject: Thank you for the great support

Thank you for the great support

Name: JP Hannam
Subject: Happy with the experience

We have ordered some Kaba Mas combo locks from you guys in the recent past and were happy with the experience! I was hoping to obtain a quote from you for a CDX-10 combo lock for a door. Your fast response (as always) is appreciated!

Name: Ken Martin
Subject: Great prices and product

Great prices and product that you can not find anyplace.

Name: Clinton Wetty
Subject: Exceeded my expectations

Just a short note to thank you for your keeping me informed about the status of my drawer pulls. They arrived today safe and sound and the remodel project is officially done. Again, thank you for your efforts...they exceeded my expectations.

Name: Eric Mayle
Subject: Will purchase again in the future

Thank you for the quickly shipped replacement. I've always had good service from you and will purchase again in the future.

Name: Margarita Muniz
Subject: Great customer service

We have received our item. Great customer service. Thank you very much.

Name: Phil Good
Subject: Hard to get good help these days!!

Thanks so much Cliff - it's hard to get good help these days!!

Name: Bob Temple
Subject: David D


Name: Hope Flatt
Subject: Quick response and action

Thanks so much for the quick response and action.

Many thanks!

Name: Ju Kim
Subject: Great service and competitive prices

I have ordered thousands of dollars worth merchandise from your site over the recent years and I am completely happy with you guys. Thank you for the great service and competitive prices. Regards, Ju

Name: William Conrad
Subject: Thank you for taking care of my order

I received one lock as I ordered. It arrived in excellent condition. Thank you for taking care of my order.

Name: David Rispinto
Subject: Appreciate your assistance

Thank you! I placed the order, appreciate your assistance.

Name: Dick Hilly
Subject: You made my day, Bro

Thank you so much for your help today. … Your support was just what I needed. You made what seemed like a really complex problem to myself and several other was in fact simple.

You made my day Bro, Thank you!

Feel free to pass this along to your superiors. You guy are running a class operation and I really appreciate it.

Name: Christian Foster Howes
Subject: Thanks for the speedy service!

Thanks for the speedy service! We got the lock ... Thanks again for the help and support!

Name: Robert Gerrish
Subject: I will certainly use your company again

I just wanted to say Thank you. The lock arrived today. Great quality, fast shipping and a more than fair price. I will certainly use your company again.

Name: Christine Zellner
Subject: Immediate response

Thanks for the immediate response … I rather have good service

Name: Gur Doitel
Subject: We really appreciate all of the support

Thanks so much for your help … We really appreciate all of the support you've provided us throughout

Name: Dee Dutt
Subject: Excellent customer service

Greetings, I appreciate your excellent customer service in getting my order together.

Many Thanks.

Name: Kevin Kennedy
Subject: Thank you for the quick response

Thank you for your quick response ... I appreciate you checking into it for me. I haven't used you guys in a while but, I will be getting back to you more often

Name: Debra Sellinger
Subject: Pleasure working with your company

Thank you for your help with this quote. Pleasure working with your company.

Name: Mike Maher
Subject: I'm grateful

Thank you very much! I'm grateful you took care of this order for me so quickly.

Name: Norman Wilsman
Subject: Prompt email response

Please thank Cliff Gutmann for his prompt e-mail response on how to request keying to our existing Emtek locks.

Name: Margaret Fraser
Subject: Amazed by the speed of the order!

Hi. I have several new Anderson sliding patio doors and I would like to buy the handles and locks from you (because we bought all of our interior door levers from you and we were happy with the price and amazed by the speed of the order!) ... Thanks!

Name: Shawn Mercy
Subject: I appreciate your help

Thank for the responses. I appreciate your help on this order!

Name: Gary Gee

There is no complaint on the quality - its great!

Name: Patrick Kenny
Subject: Looks good

I got the locks, looks good. Thanks for your efforts.

Name: Bill Evans
Subject: Very happy customer

I've been a very happy customer in the past, and hope to remain so!

Name: Jennifer Brower
Subject: Thanks for being so nice!

I spoke to Jose. Thanks for being so nice! Thank you.

Name: Rick Treiber
Subject: Always great doing business with you

Thank you Cliff. It’s always great doing business with you.

Name: Andy Huntington
Subject: That was fast

That was fast ... Thank you Taylor Security Team.

Name: David Hack
Subject: Extremely fast shipping

Thanks for the extremely fast shipping, I will be leaving a very positive google review for you, and on your product listings on the Taylor site!

Name: Dave Witt
Subject: I will recommend Taylor

Thank you, I'm glad we were able to work thing out and do business, I will recommend Taylor to my customers and friends.

Name: Jennifer Thomas
Subject: Thank you very much

My replacement knobs came today. Thank you very much for fixing the issue quickly and without hassle.

Name: Jonann Wild
Subject: You guys are amazing

Thanks for the nudge is the right direction.

You guys are amazing.

Stay cool and have a great week!

Name: William Cherry
Subject: Quick email responses

Thank you for your quick email responses! :-)

Name: Jim Wooden
Subject: I'll be back! :)

Great service!
I’ll be back! :)


Name: James Wooden
Subject: THANKS for the speedy service

I got the three locks today – THANKS for the speedy service.

Name: Mark Kraus
Subject: You're the best

Just ordered ... you're the best, Cliff!

Name: Ashley Cunningham
Subject: GREAT JOB

By the way, GREAT JOB on your website You did an excellent job.

Name: Trevor Mannausa
Subject: Heard Great things

Thank you for the order! Heard great things.

Name: William Dixon
Subject: Prompt service

Thank you for the prompt service ... you guys are the best. Thanks!

Name: Bert Simonis
Subject: Great Customer Service!

Great customer service! Thank you very much!

Name: James Huckabee
Subject: Awesome!

Awesome! Thank you for the help, Cliff. Appreciate it!

Name: Richard Young
Subject: Thank you everyone

Thank you everyone for all your help on this, I really appreciate.
Aloha, Rich

Name: Justin Whitehead
Subject: I will be sure to get ahold of you

I appreciate all of your help and if I run across one of these again I will be sure to get ahold of you.

Name: Cheryl Zellers
Subject: Adam

Thanks for Adam for his assistance on the phone today.

Name: Glenn Grayson
Subject: Seamless, error-free transaction!

The items arrived, and are all as expected. Thank you for a seamless, error-free transaction!

Name: Bryan Pollpeter
Subject: Great Customer Service

Thank you guys! Great customer service with no hassle!!
Thanks again,

Name: Terry Millican
Subject: Thanks

Thanks. You've been very helpful.

Name: Bob Beebe
Subject: Many Thanks

Thanks for the service! Many thanks

Name: Scott Wolf
Subject: I have referred a couple people to you

Thank you for prompt shipping and exactly as expected! Thank you. I have referred a couple people to you and may order more of the Abus disc locks.

Name: AnneMarie Sheridan
Subject: The 'extra mile'

Thank you Cliff. You've been very helpful on my situation and went the 'extra mile' to help me out. I did get a notice today that my order has been shipped! Hurray! I'll be glad to get it as I have some other people who will get part of the order as well and have been asking me about it. I appreciate all your help. Thanks again.

Name: Jerome Johnson
Subject: Your promptness is appreciated

Thank you for answering my question in a time mannerly. Your promptness is appreciated and the information given is what I needed.

Name: Nathan McGuire
Subject: David D has been extremely helpful

Your help on this is greatly appreciated = ) I apologize for being a pain. My contact at Taylor security is David Desautels ( He has been extremely helpful throughout the ordering process.

Name: Dan McDonald
Subject: Great Service

Just wanted to let you know I received the 2 locks today. Appreciate the quick resolution and great customer service. Thank you, Dan McDonald

Name: LT Dan Foglton
Subject: It is a real pleasure dealing with people who care

Thank you, it is a real pleasure dealing with people who care.

Name: Linda Smiley
Subject: You have been terrific

Thank you David. You have been terrific in replying and servicing my order.
Thank you so much!

Name: Greg Matson
Subject: Jose is awesome

Jose is awesome.

Name: Gerald Miller
Subject: We are glad we found your website

Thank you very much, we are glad we found your website. happy holidays.

Name: Harald Gruber
Subject: Impressed with the volume of items you have

Hi, I am totally impressed with the volume of items you have.

Name: Joe Sofere
Subject: I have been very pleased with my purchases

Hello, Taylor Security,I have been very pleased with my purchases in the past and I would like to thank you.
Thank you,
Joe Sofere

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