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Abus 41HB/30 Laminated Steel Padlock - 1-15/16" (Discontinued)

Customize Your Abus 41 Series Padlock!

- Select Keying Option: Keyed Different (41HB/30 KD) or Keyed Alike (41HB/30 KA).
- Delivery: The 
Abus 41HB/30 Padlock is part of our clearance section. Order while supplies last.

** Current Stock:

41HB/30 B KD - 4 Stock
41HB/30 B KA-EE0036 - 5 Stock

Total Price: $6.50 - $7.00
Availability: Orders Accepted

41HB/30 - Professional Laminated Padlock by Abus

ABUS 41 Eterna Padlocks are made from high quality recycled German steel. Before the locks are assembled, each laminated layer is coated with weather resistant ETERNA plating. This unique plating allows ABUS locks to last over 500 hours in a salt spray bath. This bath simulates over 20 years in the field. They come standard with a 5-pin paracentric keyway for maximum picking resistance. It has a hardened bottom steel plate with drill protection to add to its resistance to physical attack. The shackle is made from a hardened steel alloy for maximum cutting resistance.

Our laminated locks are made from high quality steel. The locks come equipped with hardened steel shackles. Each lock has a unique blend of strength, durability, and extreme weather resistance.

Features and Benefits:

- Laminated steel with ETERNA™ coating on each laminate for extreme corrosion resistance.
- ETERNA™: Non-hazardous, cadmium-free plating.
- Tough, countersunk rivets.
- Hardened steel shackle.
- High-precision 5-pin tumbler cylinder, drilling and pulling protected.
- Made in Germany.

Keying Option: Choose between Keyed Different (KD) and Keyed Alike (KA). All 41 Padlocks come with 2 keys.
Shackle: Select Shackle Size -- 1-15/16" (41HB/30).

Discontinued: The No. 41HB/30 Padlock has been discontinued by Abus and we will not accept Returns on any discontinued items. Orders will be filled while supplies last but no order is guaranteed.

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