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Abus 24IB/50 Diskus® Weather Protection Padlock

SKU# 9029
Abus Locks

Customize Your Abus 24 Series Padlock!

"Extreme Weather Protection"

- Select Keying Option: Keyed Different (24IB/50 KD) or Keyed Alike (24IB/50 KA).
- Special Ordering: See below for Special Order information (i.e., ordering padlocks keyed to existing key number).
- Delivery: The Abus 24IB/50 Padlock is in stock and available to ship.

Total Price: $15.19 - $15.86
Availability: Orders Accepted

24IB/50 - Diskus® "Weather Protection" Padlock by Abus

The 24 Series sets the standard by which all other disc locks are judged, and we have found no other lock that comes close. It is both stronger and harder to defeat than any other disc lock. The 24 Series is made from all non-corroding components, and is designed for extreme weather conditions. These locks come with 100% stainless steel protection; the shackle, lock body and internal components are all made of high quality stainless steel. The round lock body protects the shackle which makes the disc lock extremely hard to defeat. These locks supply the most security for the dollar and are very popular in the self-storage industry.

To obtain the best security, combine the DISKUS with the stainless steel 140 Series Hasps. The 140 hasp was specially designed by ABUS for the disc lock to protect the entire shackle from exposure to cutting and sawing.

ABUS Marine padlocks are especially designed for outdoor use. Rust-free security even in harsh weather conditions. Suitable weather-resistant materials such as stainless steel or appropriate plastic coatings protect the padlock effectively in outdoor areas.

Features and Benefits:

- Original Diskus® design: 360° protection.
- 100% non-corrosive: shackle and all inner components made of stainless steel.
- Diskus® Deep-Welding Technology provides maximum strength and pry resistance.
- Anti-cut plate.
- Precision pin tumbler cylinder - extra plated for ultimate corrosion resistance.
- Made in Germany.

Keying Option: Choose between Keyed Different (KD) and Keyed Alike (KA). All No. 24IB Padlocks come with 2 keys.

Bulk Discounts: For Bulk Discounts please call (1-800-676-7670) or e-mail (sales@taylorsecurity.com).

Special Ordering: If you require the No. 24 Series Padlock keyed to an existing key number please leave a note in the Comments Box upon checkout (you can also immediately reply to the Confirmation E-mail with special order instructions).

Note: Abus carries a limited amount of key numbers for each padlock series. Please confirm with Abus (1-800-352-2287) if a specific key number is valid with this series. Most Abus key numbers cannot be matched with other padlock models.


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