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7500HM Institutional Hold Open Door Closer by Norton w/ Metal Cover

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The 7500 Series Door Closer is part of Norton

"Ideal Combination of Superior Performance, Strength and Quality"

Finish: Aluminum (689).
- Delivery: The Norton 7500HM Institutional Door Closer is factory-ordered, please allow 3-5 working days' lead time.

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7500HM Hold Open Closing Door Closer w/ Metal Cover by Norton

The Norton 7500 Series Door Closer offers customers the ideal combination of superior perfomance, strength and quality. Ideal for interior or exterior doors in facilities that deman reliability. The series are certified to ANSI/BHMA A156.4, Grade 1.

Closers for interior and exterior doors shall be full rack-and-pinion type with cast aluminum alloy body. Closers shall be surface mounted and shall project no more that 2-3/16" (55mm) from the surface of the door. Closers shall be non-handed to permit installation on doors of either hand. Closer fluid shall contain lubricity and anti-oxidation agents. Closer fluid shall maintain stable viscosity to allow door closer to perform in temperatures ranging from extremely high to as low as -40°F. Closers shall have multi-size spring power adjustment to permit setting of spring from size 1 through size 6. Closers shall have two non-critical valves, hex key adjusted, to independently regulate sweep speed and latch speed. Closers shall have backcheck cushioning controlled by a hex key adjusted valve. Closers shall have backcheck position controlled by a hex key adjusted valve.

Door Closer Power Options:

7500: Adjustable through the entire power range of door closer sizes 1 through 6, as outlined in ANSI/BHMA standard A156.4. Maximum Door Size: Interior Door 32"; Exterior Door 30" Wide.

Features and Benefits:

- Tri-Style packaging; tri-packed for regular, top jamb or parallel arm mounting.
- Non-handed.
- Rack-and-pinion design.
- Cast aluminum body.
- Adjustable spring sizes 1-6.
- 2-3/16" (56mm) projection.
- 1-1/2" (38mm) diameter piston.
- 5/8" (16mm) diameter pinion journals.
- Stacked valves.-Retrofit plates.
- NorGlide® fluid.
- Molded plastic cover.
- All standard arm applications allow doors to swing 180º, conditions permitting.
- Self-drilling screws.
- Full-size template.
- Heavy-duty arms: Regular Rigid, Parallel Rigid, CloserPlus®, CloserPlus Spring™ and Unitrol®.
- Slide Tracks: push or pull side mounting.
- Exceeds 25 million cycles (witnessed and vertified by UL).
- Available in Aluminum (689) & Dark Bronze (690) finish.

Aluminum Alloy Housing: Closer bodies are constructed of a special aluminum alloy, carefully selected to accommodate interaction with steel components and operating conditions.

Rack & Pinion Operation: Provides a smooth constant control of the door through its full opening and closing cycle. 180-Degree door swing can be achieved when door, frame, hardware and arm function do not limit door swing.

Non-handed: With few exceptions all series 7500 door closers are non-handed and can be installed on either right or left hand swing doors. Pinion shaft extends vertically through the closer body in both directions.

Sweep Speed Control Valve: Allows adjustments of door speed from the door's full position down to approximately 10-degrees from the closed position.

Latch Speed Control Valve: Allows adjustments of door speed from approximately 10-degrees down to the door's fully closed position.

Tri-Style: 7500 comes with screws, brackets and soffit plates to allow for regular, top jamb, and parallel arm installations.

Adjustable Backcheck Cushion Valve: Provides control of the door in the opening cycle, beginning at approximately 75-degrees of door opening. It slows/cushions the door opening, when the door is forcibly opened beyond its pre-adjusted opening speed limits.

Adjustable Backcheck Position Valve: Allows the door opening position, where backcheck cushioning begins, to be adjusted to a greater door angle, up to a maximum of 20º farther (approximately 95º).

Optional Metal Cover: This steel cover is non-handed for regular and parallel arm applications, but is handed for top jamb applications.

Closer Fluid: NorGlide® closer fluid is a specially formulated multi-viscousity hydraulic fluid that contains lubricity and anti-oxidation agents that provide optimum performance and efficiency. This fluid complements the interaction of the door closer's aluminum housing with its steel and brass components, while maintaining stable viscosity to allow the door closer to perform in temperature ranging from extremely high to as low as -40° F.

Hold Open Feature (Optional): Range of 90-180 degrees based on template location and mechanical adjustment.

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