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453L Oversized Plug & Hoist Control Cover

SKU# 8461231
Master Lock

The 453L Oversized Control Cover is part of Master Lock

"Effectively Covers Odd Size and Large Electrical Connectors and Hoist Controls"

- Delivery: The Master Lock 453L Oversized Control Cover is factory-ordered, please allow 8-10 working days' lead time.

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453L - Oversized Plug & Hoist Control Cover by Master Lock (No Padlock Included)

Versatile, durable, patented and patent pending designs address need for temporarily prohibiting access to a switch or control or to avoid nuisance changing of rotary switch settings.

Lockout-tagout (LO/TO) safety procedures, as defined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), require that lockout devices be durable and standardized. Lockout devices use color, warning labels or tags, and a physical barrier to temporarily prohibit machine operation or power activation, and reduce accidents, during maintenance or repair. Lockout hasps are often used to secure energy sources in the off position during maintenance or repair when multiple workers are on the job. They consist of one shackle that can be locked closed by one or more padlocks, providing the ability to use multiple padlocks in a place where only one shackle will fit.

Features and Benefits:

- Effectively locks out odd size and large electrical connectors and hoist controls.
- The cinch sack offers broad application solutions.
- Insert PVC tubing to block access to hoist control buttons.
- Flexible & durable rip-stop nylon bag fits easily in safety tool boxes.
- Accepts up to 6 padlocks or hasps.
- Trilingual lock out warning printed on bag.

Dimensions: 6-1/4" diameter x 17" tall (15.8cm x 43.1cm).

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