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3101B Single Delay Egress Electromagnetic Lock by DynaLock

"1500 lbs. Holding Force Magnetic Lock"

- Finish: Satin Aluminum (US28).
- Delivery: The DynaLock 3101B Delay Egress Electromagnetic Lock is factory-ordered, please allow 3-4 working days' lead time.

Total Price: $695.00

3101B - Single Delay Egress (Outswing) Electromagnetic Lock by DynaLock

Single coil. Mounts to the underside of the frame header.

The 3101B Series is designed to satisfy life safety codes and high security needs at the same time. The next generation 3101B system offers better technology, resistance to electrical surges, and a virtually maintenance free sensing system.

In a typical installation, the door is normally closed and latched by the existing mechanical door hardware and magnetically secured by the 3101B Lock. Attempting to exit by applying 15Lbs. or less pressure to the door will cause the door to become unlatched, and activate the 3101B delay egress timer. The audible and red LED will pulsate for 15 seconds (30 seconds field selectable). After the time delay has elapsed, the lock will release and the audible will sound continuously with a green LED until the door is shut and the lock is reset. Reset and/or bypass are accomplished with a built-in keyswitch or remote signal. The system unlocks automatically when the 3101B is integrated with the building emergency fire alarm system or power is removed. Fire alarm contacts on the 3101B Lock are field selectable for NO and NC signals.

Features and Benefits:

Microprocessor Controlled: An advanced digital processor on-board manages all lock functions, without the need for an external system controller. Custom factory programs are available to meet varying job requirements and local building codes.
- Low Installation Cost: The user friendly micrometer style adjustment wheel simplifies calibration of delay egress sensor and works with existing door hardware. Does not require touch or electrified exit devices, electric hinges, door cords or special power supplies.
- Watchdog Circuit: Will signal malfunction with pulsating LED and audible for maximum dependability.
- Selectable Nuisance Delay: 1 or 3 second to deter false alarms.
- Opto-Electronic System Sensor: Featuring a new concealed optical sensor unaffected by wind, warpage or door sag.
- Holding Force: 1500 Lbs. high security holding force per lock effectively deters forced access or egress.
- Lifetime Warranty - American Made in the USA by DynaLock, with over 20 years experience in the manufacture of electromagnetic locks.
- Available in Satin Aluminum (US28) finish.

Specification Data:

Holding Force: 1500 Lbs. Each Coil.
Input Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC/VAC (Field Selectable)
Current Draw: 0.75A @ 12V; 0.50A @ 24V
Contact Ratings: DSM - 0.5A @ 24VDC/VAC
                          DYN - 1A @ 24VDC/VAC
                          ATS - 0.5A @ 24VDC/VAC
                          Delay Monitor - 1A @ 24VDC/VAC
                          Bypass Monitor - 4A @ 125VDC/VAC
Coil Resistance: 53.2 Ohms (+/-10%) Wht/Wht, Blk/Blk

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